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DCU implants system advantage:
1, the SLA processing technology: usethe most mature sandblasting surface treatment technology of acid corrosion, effectively improve the surface biocompatibility, to promote the new bone formation.
2, platform transfe rtechnology: don't hurt healthy teeth and adjacent tissue is on dental implants are prominent features.Dental doctor for patients with sufficient preoperative assessment of oral cavity and the whole body health, establish individualized plans to grow.Teng dental implants is completed, it will rely on its own root exist independently, and will not affect on both sides of the health of teeth.
3, internal octagon design: the implant with the internal octagon of mature design, personalized design can be made according to different patients condition, has a more comfortable and beautiful, comfortable sense and does not affect the normal pronunciation and other advantages.
4  security features & durable: the long-term safety has been authorised by the European and American countries, and almost as well as the natural tooth on functionality and aesthetics.
This implant system is the computer design, high-grade metal precision manufacturing into root type cylinder, via the jaw bone implant surgery, after 4 to 6 months after artificial root and jaw closed on artificial root bridge made again.The system has obtained FDA, CE certification, and in November 2006 to obtain the SFDA three types of certification, is currently the international toppest technology, has been hailed as the most suitable for Europe implant.The implant system advantages: