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Thanks to the use of professional machine, it equips the machine with a very high degree of flexibility, makes it stand out. In addition, zirconia, alumina, a resin material, such as poly (methyl methacrylate) / composite materials, waxes, and the glass-ceramic / lithium disilicate are polished.





1. 5-axis machining can be tilted 30 ° angle 
2. Automatic tool changer 10 times, including automatic tool length measurement 
3. Tool life control / tool breakage control 
4. Spare tool / cutter features the same type 
5. Integrated precision length measurement switch 
6. Integrated coolant circulation device pool 
7. Very simple tools with porcelain block management unit 
8. Easy operation: one click to get good results 
9. Night mode function: After successful completion, the software will automatically shut down 
10. Precision high-frequency spindle speed up to 60.000 rpm 
11. Apply flexible, can be used as an affordable entry model can also be extended laboratory and milling machining center system 
12. Approximately 45 units and grinding ceramic block to be replaced 
13. Windows includes a computer control system 
14. Selectable machine table


5-axis machining equipment can be dry / wet processing all basic dental material 
A. Zirconia 
B. Alumina 
C. Resins such as PMMA / Composite 
D. Wax, microcrystalline feldspar glass, ceramic, silicate li