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Power input: 110~230V AC; 50Hz/60Hz; Max wattage consumption: approx. 90W
Dimension: 23 cm (H) x 22 cm (D) x 21.5 cm (W); Weight: 3.3KG

‧Two self-contained medicament feeders offer higher infection control. Perfect for periodontal pocket irrigation with anti-microbial or Chlorhexidine delivery.


‧Tubing pump set can be replaced for higher infection control.


‧In cold weather, fill in warm water to achieve patients’ most comfortable satisfaction.


‧Allow to keep filling in medicament even during operation, no interruption for your practice.


‧Dual frequency ultrasonic system, accepts both 25Khz/30Khz inserts. Auto-detecting function, no need to adjust any button.


‧Advantage of 30Khz frequency application: higher frequency, softer stroke contributes more comfort to those sensitive-teeth patients.


‧Advantage of 30Khz frequency application (continued): for implant cleaning with special plastic-headed insert, root canal cleaning irrigation with special inserts.

‧Boost function controlled by 2-position foot switch provides extra power to remove heavy calculus.

‧Care more about oral hygiene: the handpiece sleeve is detachable and autoclavable in 135℃. 

‧User-friendly control panel: power switch and water control knob are all on the front panel.