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It implants common materials mainly is pure titanium and titanium alloy. The material wear-resisting corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance ability, and fragments, implant thread on new unique groove, greatly improve the effect of the implant bone integration; Good biological compatibility, non-toxic no side effects, no magnetic, no stimulation, stable in the body; Good wettability, adhesion to organic matter, can completely in harmony with the human body, once implanted, can quickly grow the same as the composition of human teeth bone union, won't produce rejection.

The advantage:


 A, beautiful and practical
   Color and vivid, like just grow new teeth. Has a strong retention force and stability, the most effective restoration of teeth chewing function, can be like real teeth roots in patients in the mouth.


Second, the safe and easy
  Dental implant surgery is very small, simple procedures, without hospitalization, entirely painless surgery, postoperative can eat.


Third, firmly
  Is extremely stable planting system, internal octagon links and planting structure is beneficial to bone ingrowth and durable function. On its own root exist independently, do not wear on both sides of the health of teeth.


Fourth, convenient and quick
  than traditional cultivation system shorten 2-3 months, patients with comfortable and convenient, save time. The simulation of natural teeth easy to clean, help maintain oral hygiene.