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It is a fully-oriented programming can be applied to the sintering furnace on the market today all zirconia material. In addition to these regular elements, it has two unique programming of the entire exhaust system mufle to keep clean, and should require a specific material supplier, to have a negative temperature ramp to cool slowly. 


The importance of two of the largest space in the dental laboratory, it the combustion unit and the power unit together with the design, the arrangement of the combustion chamber through the insulating material by mechanical opening of the combustion chamber of a smooth movement of the lifting means to seal. Two particularly the combustion of the crucible can be designed together, and thus depending on the composition, the sintered material allows 60-80 simultaneously sintered. 

Automatic recovery: 

1 Various No time limit frequent power failures or faults, it will automatically go into recovery mode until the sintering cycle. 
 2 to reduce the cycle time of the cycle time from 10-11 hours to 78 hours (depending on the length of the period the material manufacturer's instructions) from 1-70 the first ramp cycle of 90 minutes ℃ 70 ℃. 

3 three additional steps: three special steps for coloring Zr 

Technical Specifications: 

Size: 37 × 43 × 75cm (14.6 "× 17" × 29.5 ") 
Weight: 60kg 
Furnace: 95 mm × 140 mm (3.7 "× 5.5") 
Stove: 95 mm (3.5 ")