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NBU dental implants system is based on computer automatic design and laser positioning, guided by the kind of tooth process from manual operation into automated processing, become quite accurate and quick.Kind of teeth in this way, not only in patients with denture quality assured, and the waiting time can be reduced to less than 7 days from 1 hour.


1, let customers spend the least money to get the best therapeutic effect
By using the computer speed dental implant technology allows customers to spend the least money to get the best therapeutic effect.Patients can not only avoid the long and painful waiting period, and greatly reduce the number of times on the appointment.In addition, the need to plant 8 nail as before, now only need four, because the position of this four nails grow after all is through the computer analysis, the best location for accurate implant in bone, and achieve the best planting depth, not only obtain the most stable of retainer, also from the fees is more economical and practical.


2, process completely "visible"
Computer automated processing of patients with oral three-dimensional CT data, the computer simulation of determine the precise location of implant, making the boot operation of visual computer template, both doctors and patients can see the precise operation model and the effect of planting in advance, convenient both doctors for effective preoperative communication;


 3, implanting process guide by computer  let implant teeth more accurate and fast, safe and efficient
Dental implants process is controlled by computer and fully in accordance with the template, if a doctor in the procedure on the depth of the position of the implant and to master a slight deviation, the computer will automatically stop the operation, to ensure that the embedded parts of the precision and safety.Because it is according to the guide of computer template processing, shorter operation time, conventionally grown each tooth just 5-10 minutes on average, to make a beautiful teeth is an hour into may.

 4, minimally invasive treatment process, without invasive, little pain
After complete beauty tooth design scheme, the doctor can be about to undergo surgery patients, from start to prepare to completely successful implantation, patients need to make a no incision, no double disc and no suture of minimally invasive surgery treatment, can have a beautiful beautiful fixed denture, and treatment process of patients without discomfort, does not affect the patients daily life and work.