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Full automation with handling robots for tools and blanks 


The high-end product among the existing machine systems was implemented with the largest and most precise machine 4736. All installed components are designed for precision. 
Durability and state-of-the-art technological level: granite structure , direct drives, digital length measuring systems, powerful HSK 32 spindle, zero point clamping system, and fully digital control system. The machine can be fitted with an automated 6-axis handing robot with workpiece magazine and zero point clamping system. To ensure a full automation of the system, and to enable future extensions.


Technical highlights 


1. Solid axis structure from polished natural granite for highly dynamic 5-axis simultaneous machining and for high-precision milling results

2. linear axes with highly dynamic linear motor drives

3. Massive granite rotating swivel unit as a 4th/5th Double bearing axis with torque motor drives

4. EROWA-zero point clamping system for workpiece holder support

5. Absolute ,high-resolution measuring systems on all axes

6. Powerful, vector-controlled high-frequency spindle (water-cooled) up to 42 000 rpm, 6.3 kw, HSK 32 tool holder. Special oil pressure         bearing of the spindle long service life

7. 32-fold fully automatic tool changer for HSK 32 cone receptacle

8. Integrated wet and dry machining for all materials and applications

9. High-end control for fast control and processing technology with touch operation

10. Control software with order, processing , blanks, and tool management functions.

11. Especially for high-quality standards of precision and speed in metalworking