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‧ Power input: 110VAC / 230VAC optional, 50/60Hz. 
‧ Frequency: 30Khz (+/-5%); Max wattage consumption: approx. 35W
‧ Main unit dimension: 15.5cm (W) x 12.8cm (H) x 10.5cm (D); Weight: 0.85KG

Product advantages:

- Truly 30Khz frequency ultrasonic Piezo unit, more comfort, gentle and pain-free for patients.

- Powerful Handpiece vibration: 9~10W output, comparable to Satelec (Acteon) and EMS. (15W is for ultrasonic bone surgery) Removes heavy calculus effectively.

- Detachable Handpiece can be autoclaved in 135℃

- Satelec or EMS tip-compatible Handpiece optional. All your existing tips will remain in use.

- Easy-to-use, just few minutes to understand and enjoy the user-friendly control panel.