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Double effect: 
Including firing and repression, multi-in-one. Double-baked platform design techniques, two programmable rotary porcelain Taiwan greatly improved work efficiency, a program to control the work of synchronizing two baked into the ultimate user-friendly programming flexibility, 13 parameter index and complete the setup menu to make you can complete custom program design. 

  1 full uniform heating distribution point 
  2 precise level cryostat and high temperatures 
  3 high-speed cooling characteristics to improve efficiency (cooling rapidly accelerated stove parts beginning of the next cycle of work) 
  4 firing temperature can reach 1180 ℃, heated in the range 10-120 ℃ / min 
  5 durable Khantal spiral material 

 A the biggest feature is two programmable rotary porcelain desk can save setup time to optimize productivity. 
  B allowed after the end of the first work continues baked baked a second time to start work. 
  C two porcelain work can be carried out simultaneously, respectively, in each stage of porcelain to achieve operational. 
  During D program work, allow freedom of movement, without the porcelain stove top 
  E fully restored, ATC muffle kiln, two devices arm, buttons instructions, complete control 

Technical Specifications 

Size 450mmx450mmx680mm 
Weight 35kg 
Baking room space 95mmx60mm 
Temperatures between 100 to 1180 ℃ 
The main output power 230V 1750W 50 / 60Hz 115V 1100W 50 / 60Hz